Experience gifts offer the best way to treat the people you love this festive season. At a time when the prices of tangible goods and products are soaring, Christmas experience gifts are the affordable alternative. This December, try to prioritize gift experiences above anything else.

The best part is that there is a gift for everyone, from thrilling adventures like bungee jumping and skydiving to relaxing ones such as wine tasting and special spa days. That traveler in your life will enjoy any of the following Christmas experience gifts.

A Cultural Tour

A cultural tour can offer a memorable experience. At the same time, it’s an educational experience. You can find something for about any interest, from street art and history to nature and architecture tours.

Go for a locally-led tour on a subject or topic you know your loved ones would love and enjoy for a sustainable gift experience. This is a perfect option if your gift receiver is on the road or has an upcoming travel. No matter where they are, you can find something memorable where they are.

A Game Ticket

For adventurers who are also sports-obsessed, a gift experience is something they’ll appreciate. Purchase a sports game ticket, cater for their transportation and accommodation, and your gift will be complete. The best part is that you can enjoy this experience gift together with your loved ones.

They can also bring someone they cherish to enjoy the gift experience together. Whether it’s an EPL game or a tennis event, many games take place across December, and chances are you’ll find an upcoming fixture they would love to watch.

A Park Pass

A seasonal or annual park pass is a great gift experience for your alfresco family member or friend. Do they enjoy hiking? Give them a gift of a seasonal or yearly national park pass. Are they more into camping? A camping pass would be a perfect match.

And do your loved ones love snowboarding or skiing? Gift them a season pass to a mountain of their choice. Many state/national parks offer an annual or seasonal park pass that you can buy and gift to someone. To get everything right, find out the park they love or a place where they have been dreaming of and give them the gift.

If you have someone who loves traveling, these three Christmas experience gifts can be what they want for a memorable festive season. Don’t go for material things; they may have no place to store them.

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