1. Old Town (Kaleiçi)

Nestled within the ancient city walls, Kaleiçi is the heart and soul of Antalya. This historic district boasts narrow cobblestone streets and traditional Ottoman-era houses. The Yivli Minaret, one of Kaleiçi’s historical beauties, adds a unique touch to the cityscape. Hadrian’s Gate, dating back to the ancient Roman era, is another significant historical symbol in the area.

2. Konyaaltı Beach

This pebble beach stretches for 7 kilometers along the western coast of Antalya, offering crystal-clear turquoise waters and breathtaking views of the Taurus Mountains.. Visitors can partake in various water sports, enjoy leisurely strolls along the promenade, or simply unwind on the shores, basking in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun. Konyaaltı Beach not only stands out as a popular daytime destination but also emerges as a picturesque spot to witness the mesmerizing sunsets over the expansive Mediterranean horizon.”

3. Calista Luxury Resort

Calista Luxury Resort is the most popular all-inclusive hotels in Antalya. If luxury and indulgence are what you seek, Calista Luxury Resort is the perfect choice.

Calista Luxury Resort stands as a masterpiece with its sophisticated design, seamlessly fusing modern architectural elements with traditional inspirations. The intricate details adorning every nook of the hotel serve as a homage to the opulent cultural heritage intrinsic to the region. Here, the ambiance is not just warm; it’s an immersive experience, where the commitment to service excellence and unparalleled hospitality sets the establishment apart.

4. Perge Ancient City

Antalya is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its rich history. Perge Ancient City is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts. As you explore among the remains of the Roman theater, take leisurely strolls along colonnaded streets, and admire the intricate details of the expertly crafted Hadrian’s Gate, you’ll be captivated by the historical richness. A visit to Perge provides an immersive journey through time, allowing visitors to delve into the captivating narratives of ancient civilizations.

5. Düden Waterfalls

Nature lovers will be captivated by the beauty of Düden Waterfalls. Düden Waterfall is one of the natural wonders of Antalya, standing out as a magnificent marvel of nature. Located just a few kilometers outside the city center, it offers visitors an impressive experience. This waterfall is formed by the waters of the Düden River cascading down the cliffs and consists of two main sections: Upper Düden Waterfall and Lower Düden Waterfall.

Top Holiday Resorts in Antalya, Belek

Antalya, Belek is renowned worldwide for its exquisite holiday resorts. Luxury Resort in Belek: Calista can offer you a wonderful holiday experience.

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