American Football has remained a mainstay within the sporting industry as it continues to attract various amounts of mainstream attention and intrigue from fans all over the world which has since allowed this renowned commodity to place a major sum of influence and inspiration into numerous pop culture outlets that have since become recognizable and beloved by a variety of audiences.

Out of all major American Football leagues and competitions, none come bigger than the National Football League (NFL) when generating such a wide sum of continuous fan support and investment over a specified period of time.

The NFL has garnered a widespread amount of popularity from fans all over the world who have since showcased their overriding love for the sport and one of the 32 different franchises that represent the league at the top echelon of the game itself.

Nowadays, the NFL is most valuable sports league in the world and has since provided fans with a wide selection of highlight plays, nail-biting final encounters and endless star power over the much-merited Superbowl era which has since remained a proud factor of the league since the 1960s.

This current rendition of the NFL during the modern age has allowed fans to enjoy the game from anywhere around the world, with billions wagered on the Super Bowl odds as even casual fans get involved. 

One major industry that has greatly benefited from the continuous rise of American football is mainly the pop culture and entertainment sector as many popular titles have since remained greatly influenced by the sport which has provided audiences with a variety of unique football-themed trends to enjoy across the last few decades in various forms of media.

  • Music:

Perhaps the most commonly associated form of pop culture that has benefited greatly from American football, and more specifically the Superbowl era, is the music sector which continues to remain a prominent part of the American football landscape to this day.

This includes the halftime show performance at the prestigious Superbowl game which has since remained a major focal point of the NFL season as many of the industries most respected and widely talented artists have performed in front of the thousands of fans in attendance and millions watching around the world with their own unique and memorable performance.

The likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, The Weeknd and many other artists have provided the Superbowl with a major ratings boost at the half time interval with the honor of performing at the half time show being widely discussed as one of the most cherished traditions in all of US Sports.

Football has also been incorporated into other forms of music and related media which includes music videos as well as artists often expressing their allegiances to any one of the teams in their own interesting way, with one of the more notable instances being the recent appearance of the decorated rapper Eminem during an episode of ‘Hard Knocks’ whilst visiting the Detroit Lions training camp. 

  • Movies:

There are endless amounts of Hollywood blockbusters that have taken a noticeable inspiration from the NFL and other American football sporting contests which has since become fan favorites and critically acclaimed releases.

Some of the most recognizable films include 1999s ‘Any Given Sunday’ which includes an extensive casting of Hollywood stars such as the likes of Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Dennis Quaid in a gripping story centered around the harsh world of professional football. 

In addition to this, 2000s ‘Remember the Titans’ is also a football themed film set in the  1970s starring Denzel Washington as the head coach of a Virgina high school team with the film focusing on the challenges of overcoming prejudice as the school aims to produce a winning team that is racially diverse.

There are a number of other beloved Hollywood titles that are fixated and influenced by the sport of football featuring several other high-profile actors/actresses that have since expressed their love for the sport and their own personal aspirations to star in a release that is inspired by football.

  • Other notable appearances in pop culture:

The entire spectacle of the Superbowl has remained a major factor within the pop culture sector for years as it also features several iconic advertisements and marketing campaigns that have become major fan favorites and inspirations for other forms of media.

The ‘1984’ Apple commercial or Budweiser’s ‘Wassup’ campaign are just some of the many examples of Superbowl commercials that have become a popular part of pop culture and have even been replicated in various other aspects of film and television.

One of the most recognizable football scenes that is predominantly featured in pop culture is the iconic Charlie Brown football gag that is often present in various editions of Charles M. Schulz’s comic stripe ‘Peanuts’ with the gag centered around Charlie attempting to kick a football being held by fellow main character Lucy Van Pelt before ultimately missing the ball entirely and falling on his back after Lucy moves the ball at the last second. For those looking to experience the excitement of the Super Bowl and its impact on pop culture firsthand, don’t miss the chance to secure your NFL Super Bowl tickets at TicketSmarter and be a part of this iconic event.

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