Catherine Wayne, better known by her online persona Boxxy, is a unique and captivating personality in the world of YouTube. With her boundless energy, quirky personality, and distinct voice, Boxxy quickly captured the attention of the internet and became a viral sensation in the late 2000s.

Boxxy first gained internet fame with her video “FOAR EVERYWUN FRUM BOXXY,” which went viral in 2009. Since then, she has continued to make content on YouTube and other platforms, though she has been less active in recent years. So, if you are eager to know about her current status, keep reading till the end.

Who Is YouTuber Catherine Wayne, Aka Boxxy?

Catherine Wayne is a renowned YouTuber who was born on April 28, 1992, making her age 30 years now. She is an American native having Greek descent. It is reported that Boxxy is from California and also spends time in Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

Furthermore, Wayne created her main YouTube channel on January 9, 2009, and due to her content, she has amassed over 371k subscribers. With her rising fame on the internet, Boxxy was given a remarkable opportunity to showcase her talents as the voice of Marsha in Disney XD’s animated series Billy Dilley’s Super-Duper Subterranean Summer.

Not only that, but she also presented the Animalist streaming series for Discovery Digital Networks from 2013 to 2014.

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What Happened to YouTuber Boxxy?

Boxxy was known for her energetic and quirky videos, which often featured her talking to the camera, making funny faces, and using her trademark high-pitched voice. However, as her fame grew, so did the negative attention and harassment she faced from some parts of the internet community. Some people accused her of being fake or attention-seeking, while others went so far as to make threats against her.

In 2014, Catherine posted a video on her YouTube channel explaining that she had decided to take a break from the internet to focus on her personal life and mental health. She expressed her gratitude for the support and love she had received from her fans but also acknowledged the toll the negative attention and harassment had taken on her.

Likewise, Boxxy said that she had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and that she needed to take some time away from the internet to focus on her recovery.

Since then, Boxxy has made a few sporadic appearances on social media, including a few updates on her YouTube channel and some posts on Instagram and Twitter. However, she has mostly kept a low profile and has not returned to the level of internet fame she once had. It’s unclear what she is currently up to or whether she plans to make a complete comeback to the internet.

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Where Is Boxxy in 2023, and What Is She Doing Now?

As said earlier, Boxxy has stepped away from social media for a long time and has not given any updates regarding her personal and professional life. She has a Facebook page, and her last post was made on August 5, 2020.

Besides that, we can find her account on Instagram and Twitter. Despite keeping her distance from the internet, Boxxy made her comeback with a new YouTube channel dubbed ANewHopeee and started posting Boxxy videos in 2011.

In 2014, Boxxy’s videos suddenly stopped appearing, and the reason for this remains unknown. However, in 2018, she uploaded a video of Catherine in which she discussed her experiences as a YouTuber. Now, we can say that she might be keeping her distance from the media and living a low-key life.

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