Bling Empire: New York is the current favorite reality show of Netflix viewers. The show aired on January 20 and features cast members, including Dorothy Wang, Stephen Hung, Richard Chang, Nam Laks, Lynn Ban and many more wealthy personalities.

The topic of Tina Leung wealth has been a matter of concern to many. So, if you are one of them, keep reading this article till the end.

Who Is Tina Leung From Bling Empire: New York?

Tina Leung is a 40-year-old cast member on the reality TV show Bling Empire: New York. She was raised in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Leung studied at Bristol University in England. Apart from being a rising reality tv star, Leung is a fashion stylist and blogger.

After a few years at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Tina leveraged her experience into a career in styling and writing, though she prefers not to call herself an influencer. She is widely known for her bold styles and even bolder hair color. The fashionista can be found on Instagram under the username @tinaleung.

From her Instagram handle, Leung shows her amazing lifestyle. She has worked with many luxury brands, including Valentino.

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How Much Is Tina Leung’s Net Worth?

It’s been noted that Tina Leung is worth anywhere from $1 million to $5 million. In the Netflix show, Tina explained after being cut off by her dad, she had to become financially independent in her 20s. Tina’s first job was in association with Prestige Hong Kong magazine. While working there, Leung would often assist others, conduct interviews, and spend nights on photoshoots. However, all of this only served to make Leung more eager for her work.

In 2011, Tina launched her blog, As one of the most well-connected influencers, Leung is often seen in Fashion Weeks worldwide. She first attended the Paris Fashion Week in 2012. Since then, she has been in love with that event. Having gained over 442k followers, Leung flaunts her life via her IG handle. We can see her showcasing many brands that promote her.

Tina Leung in a photoshoot ( Source: Instagram )

It’s believed Leung has made her money through her work in fashion and influence. Having a solid presence on Instagram, Leung may receive fair cash from advertisement deals, and it is said that if she makes a sponsored post, then she takes home $1000-5000.

Is Tina Leung Dating or Single?

Tina Leung is single and does not have a boyfriend. There have been no records of the fashionista dating anyone openly in the past too. But exploring some of her Instagram posts, it is believed that Leung had some toxic relationships in the past.

So, it is reported that Leung is working hard on healing her past familial and relationship traumas to the best of her abilities. In Bling Empire, Tine said she had a boyfriend for two years and then went straight into a seven-year relationship. They used to breakup and reunited. She also admitted that her ex-boyfriend had little dalliances with other ladies.

Also, she used to have huge fights with her ex-boyfriend. So, she has already moved on from that and relishes a solitary life. On December 29, 2022, she posted some photos on Instagram, saying, “It’s giving Don’t Worry Darling, but I’m both the husband and the wife.” It shows that Leung is enjoying a single life to the fullest.

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