Tayler Holder is a well-known social media influencer and TikTok star who features short dance routines or comedic situations. Likewise, Holder is known for collaborating with friends on posts. Besides that, Holder is also an aspiring actor.

Holder also has a successful music career, traveling worldwide, performing and meeting fans. In August 2018, Holder released his debut single, “Fallback.” Furthermore, Holder has traveled around the world performing and meeting fans. And he got more into media prominence in 2018 when he started starring as Luke on the Brat series Dirt.

And in 2020, he became a member of The Hype House. So, it is clear that Holder is a bike lover, and he loves riding dirt bikes. But now, his passion has become deadly as Holder got into a serious dirt bike accident. So, many people are asking what happened to the TikTok star. Keep reading to find out more about his accident.

What Happened to Tayler Holder?
As said above, Tayler Holder got into a serious dirt bike accident that left him injured seriously. He went to Texas for the holidays. After going back to his hometown, he was excited to meet his friends. So, the social media star was showing moments of him riding dirt bikes and also showing tricks with his friends.

All of them were enjoying the ride, and they all were having a good time until Holder posted a story on Instagram showing his bloody face. In the shocking story, Holder mumbled, “Well, that’s a wrap guys. I just broke my nose.” Moreover, the TikTok star had snot hanging on his nose.

After that, he also shared the news on TikTok, where he said, “Looks like we gotta go to the hospital, guys.” Later, he kept his fans updated on the incident and showed his condition from the hospital. Holder updated his fans from the hospital, wearing a neck brace.

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More Details on Tayler Holder’s Accident

As we know, Tayler Holder got into a serious dirt bike accident, and he kept his fans updated on his condition. Holder shared a photo on Instagram revealing that he broke his nose, face, ribs, and shoulder. He captioned a photo shared from a hospital bed, “Broke my nose, my face, my ribs, & my shoulder… how is y’all’s thanksgiving going?”

Later, Holder also said that doctors were performing checkups on him. As we know, he is a funny fan who often jokes around. Despite being injured seriously in an accident, Holder’s sense of humor didn’t stop. He was keeping his mood light. When fans knew it, they were shocked and wished him a speedy recovery. Let’s take a look at fans’ reactions.

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Fans React to Tayler Holder’s Dirt Bike Accident
Tayler Holder tried to keep his spirits up while in the hospital. Holder also shared an IG poll asking, “do I still look sexy” with tussled hair, bruises, and a new neck brace.

Millions of fans were shocked and sad to see Holder’s condition. So, Holder received all sorts of comments, questions, and well-wishes. Many fans wished him a speedy recovery. Social media influencer Mark Thomas said, “You need some hospital tuggies?”

Tayler Holder
Tayler Holder shares story on Instagram ( Source: Instagram )
Likewise, Andrew Davila was seen on his IG comment where he said, “Get better soon, brotha.” In the same way, many social media stars who have massive fan bases also gave well-wishes to Holder. And the Hollywood Worth team also wishes him a speedy recovery.

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