Ted Glover is the former president of the South American division of Pepsi-Cola. He is widely famous as the father of Steve O, a renowned American entertainer, television personality, stunt performer and YouTuber.

The father-son duo has a great bond, and Steve does not hesitate to show it to the world. Glover is a well-established man in his own field. After being recognized as the father of a famous entertainer, people got eager to know more about his lifestyle.

What Is Ted Glover’s Net Worth? Earnings From Pepsi

As mentioned earlier, Ted Glover worked at Pepsi. So, working as the president of the South American division of Pepsi-Cola, Ted may have racked up a considerable fortune. Some online sources report his net worth between $1 million and $5 million.

Moreover, a person having a job at Pepsi reportedly earns $128,000 per year, which includes an average base salary of $113,000 and an average bonus of $16,000. As Glover was in a higher position, it can be said that he may have earned above the average wage.

Apart from his job at Pepsi, his other work history remains unknown. So, it is believed that Ted is enjoying a retired life. On the other side, his son, Steve O, is one of the most loved personalities in the entertainment industry. Due to his multiple works, Steve has accumulated a net worth of around $4 million. Steve has worked in many big-budget movies that have grossed a huge amount.

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Steve O Father Ted Glover Family Life and Children

Ted Glover has stayed away from the limelight, due to which the information regarding his family life remains under review. It is reported that Glover was married to Donna Gay Glover. Donna and Ted also welcomed two children named Steve-O and Cindy Glover.

Later, Ted and Donna separate, and there is no record of Ted marrying for the second time. A report shows that Ted’s ex-wife suffered an aneurysm; the news was revealed on October 10, 1998. Unfortunately, in 2003, she passed away after suffering severe cognitive and physical disabilities due to the aneurysm.

Moreover, Ted and his two kids are now busy with their own life. Steve and Ted also have a great bond. The father-son duo has also attended many events together. On June 16, 2019, Steve posted a photo with his father on the occasion of father’s day. He wrote,

“My dad and I having a great relationship isn’t because I achieved some success— actually, it’s largely because we have a great relationship that I’ve achieved anything at all. And for that, I’m grateful beyond words… Happy Father’s Day, Dad, I love you!”

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Ted Glover Early Life and Ethnicity

Ted Glover’s real name is Richard Edward Glover. The Glover family moved to Brazil due to Ted’s job. During that time, Steve was just six months old. After spending some time there, the family again moved to Venezuela, later shifting to Darien, Connecticut.

Steve O and Ted Glover attending a match ( Source: Twitter )

When Steve turned nine years, his family returned to England. In the same way, they have resided in many other places, such as Toronto and Miami. For your information, Ted is an American of English descent.

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