Taylor Frankie Paul, a well-known influencer on MomTok and a member of the Mormon community, has recently captured the attention of the media following her arrest.

This unexpected turn of events has shocked her followers and sparked discussions online, highlighting the complexities and challenges of navigating life in the public eye. She was detained and held for almost nine hours before being released. With the news of her arrest, fans are still concerned about her dating life which we’ve discussed in depth.

Taylor Frankie Paul Is Together Again With Her Boyfriend

Taylor Frankie Paul is in a relationship with her loving boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, with whom she moved on following her divorce from her ex-husband Tate Paul. The Paul couple married in 2016 and welcomed two children named Indy Paul and Ocean Paul.

After sharing her experience with ‘soft swinging’ in the Mormon community, she gained notoriety on TikTok and sparked discussions about the intersection of faith and sexuality. Later, Taylor got more into the spotlight after revealing her new boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen.

Taylor Frankie Paul poses with her two kids ( Source: Instagram )

She made the announcement in July, just a few months after announcing her divorce. However, less than six months into their relationship, the pair split up. Taylor posted a TikTok video just before New Year, saying, “Finally deciding to be single and heal.” Meanwhile, their breakup comes a month after Taylor shared that she suffered an ectopic pregnancy with their baby.

Taylor’s journey to motherhood was documented on TikTok, with now-deleted videos capturing the emotional moment when she revealed her positive pregnancy test to her partner, Dakota. However, her joy was short-lived as she later revealed that she had experienced an ectopic pregnancy, shedding light on the often-overlooked complexities and challenges of reproductive health.

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Taylor Frankie Paul Is Back With Her Partner, Dakota Mortensen

As mentioned earlier, Taylor Frankie Paul and her boyfriend, Dokta Mortensen, separated just after six months of dating. However, their relationship is back as they are together again. Dakota just appeared in Taylor’s TikTok videos just last week. In the video, we can see the couple together replying to a comment made by one of their followers asking, “How’d you guys meet?”

However, they have not officially confirmed, but we can be clear that they are reunited. As said earlier, Taylor recently got arrested, and her boyfriend also gave some hints about the situation.

Daily Mail has reported that Taylor was booked in at 1.56 am and released at 10.35 am on three misdemeanor charges, including assault, criminal mischief and domestic violence in the presence of a kid. While talking with the outlet, Dakota said her girlfriend had been at a ‘Galentine’s Party’ on Friday night, and Dakota went to pick her up and drive her back to her home.

He went on to admit that he was not even allowed to speak with her, but he said that he didn’t call 911. It is reported that a neighbor may have called. Dakota refused to say what happened after they arrived at the house. While opening up about the situation, Mortensen gave his supportive message to his girlfriend, saying she had been going through a lot lately.

Furthermore, Taylor has not made any posts about this whole situation but may give some hints in the future.

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