Noelle Perdue is a writer, artist, and Internet porn historian who is widely famous for her work history at Pornhub. She was associated with the adult company for a long time but has now left it.

Now, Perdue is opening up about her experience in a new Netflix documentary named Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, which aired on Wednesday, March 15 and is getting good responses.

A Look at Noelle Perdue Early Life and Bio

Noelle Perdue is a native of Canada. So, she holds Canadian nationality. Perdue has not given much insight into her early life, due to which the information regarding her birthday and age remains under review.

Regarding her educational background, Perdue went to NEWVIEW SCHOOL to pursue her career as an artist. In the same way, she studied and learned about photogrammetry from the STYLY community.

Not only that, but Perdue majored in Computer Programming. After completing her education, Perdue began her professional career.

Everything About Noelle Perdue Career and Net Worth

Noelle Perdue’s career started as a ScriptWriter in the adult industry around 2016-17. After joining MindGeek in 2016, she worked as a writer, producer, and talent acquirer in Montreal for three years.

After that, Perdue began working as a porn script writer. After working at MindGeek until 2020, she left the job and wanted to pursue a career in another field. She had coding knowledge and began working with AI. It is reported that she now uses her knowledge of computer science to make toys.

Besides that, Perdue is a prominent writer who has written articles, and her works have even been featured in Washington Post, Xtra magazine, Input, Slate, and the WIRED website. WIRED featured one of her articles, named How Porn’s Racist Metadata Hurt Adult Performers of Color, in April 2021.

Two of her articles written in 2022, entitled Naked Lie and The Problem With Pleasure, were also featured on the Slate website. Her articles mainly include analyses of sex, love, pornography, and social issues.

Having gained broad experiences, Perdue has surely taken home a massive profit, and she has estimated net worth to be at least $1 million. Following the release of a new project, we can say that her income will skyrocket in the coming years.

What Is Noelle Perdue Doing After Pornhub?

After quitting her job at Pornhub, Noelle Perdue worked in AI. She worked to make a mechanical theatre (praxinoscope) and mechanical animation machines that deliver AI-generated pornography.

As said earlier, Noelle had a job at MindGeek but has already quit, but we are unknown when she left it. Apart from that, Perdue is now in the limelight after the release of Money Shot: The Pornhub Story.

The newly launched documentary showcases the conceptions of one the most-trafficked websites in the world and how being able to share any video to the internet has a dark side. We can even see both sides of the story, with interviews from pornography performers, workers at child protection organizations, journalists, and many more.

Noelle also said that the new documentary was the final project on which she had been working for the past two years. She even said that Perdue worked as an archivist and consultant.

Who Is Noelle Perdue Girlfriend? Inside Her Dating Life

As per a source, Noelle Perdue identifies as a lesbian, and she is currently dating her girlfriend, who goes by the name of Krystyne Athanasia. On February 14, 2023, Noelle took to Instagram to share an image with her partner, writing, “Happy national smooching day.

Also, Noelle tagged her partner on the post, and Krystyne’s Instagram bio shows that she works as Creative Tech & Consult at The Design Fabrication Zone. We can also follow Noelle on IG as @all_day_breakfast_.

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