Zanab Jaffrey earned significant recognition for her bond with Cole Barnett in season 3, as they formed a deep connection in the pods by discussing their past and future aspirations.

On their wedding day, Zanab expressed uncertainty about marrying Cole, ultimately deciding to leave him at the altar and proclaiming that she deserved better.

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Who Is Zanab Jaffrey Dating Now After Leaving Cole Barnett?

When Zanab Jaffrey left Cole Barnett, Love Is Blind viewers were eager to know who she was with now. Cole and Zanab reached their wedding day in season 3 but ultimately did not tie the knot.

At the reunion, Zanab clarified that she didn’t harbor any hatred towards Cole and had fully forgiven him. After filming the reunion special, they don’t have any form of relationship. On November 22, 2022, Zanab posted a TikTok video revealing she met with Cole’s ex-wife. Since their separation, Jaffrey has kept in touch with fans through TikTok. She often talks about dating scenarios.

On January 29, 2023, she shared another TikTok video saying, “The way I am not built, I’m not built for situation-ships; Just date me and love me.” The next day Zanab posted about dating situations she had passed up. Zanab seems to have re-entered the dating world, but loyal fans of Love Is Blind won’t let her live down her past broken engagement, as it continues to be a hot topic of discussion.

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TikTok Videos Hints Zanab Jaffrey Is Dating a Boyfriend

As said earlier, Zanab Jaffrey has been making videos on TikTok talking about dating things. On February 4, she shared a video that said, “I like you. I like you too, Cassie. I like you more. Ew.” Zanab captioned the video, “Me simping over the first guy I’ve liked in 2 years.”

Before the simping TikTok, Jaffrey had also shared some TikTok videos related to dating. In January 2022, she posted a clip writing, “Me to my crush when I catch myself smiling at my phone like an idiot.”

There is not a single chance of Zanab dating her ex Cole as they had a huge drama on the show. So, all of these videos have left fans thinking she might be dating a man. However, Zanab has not let fans know about the mystery man. In a video, a user commented, “Just get two cuties, and you won’t be hungry anymore,” to which she replied, “That outta do it lmao.”

Zanab and Cole had some dramas in Love In Blind

As her fans and followers are concerned about the mystery man, Zanab may hopefully give some updates i the future. So, we can follow her on TikTok and Instagram. Her Instagram username is registered as @zanabjaffrey.

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