Before that, she worked as a hairdresser. Collins was born on July 1, 1996, and was raised as the second-oldest of six siblings. Before coming to TikTok, Collins used to work on television and movie and as a hairdresser. She reportedly worked on the set of Riverdale. By the time the coronavirus pandemic hit, Collins had already worked for three years as a hairdresser. To abandon her hairdressing job, she began posting on TikTok.

Due to her content, Collins has gained massive fan followings on her social media handles. Apart from being active on TikTok, we can find her strong presence on Instagram and YouTube too. Furthermore, Collins got more into media prominence after her relationship with Aaron Brown was confirmed. However, they are no longer together, due to which people’s concern regarding Collins’ present relationship status has risen.

Meet Kris Collins’ Ex-Boyfriend, Aaron Brown

Kris Collins was previously in a relationship with Aaron Brown. There are not many details regarding Brown’s personal and professional life, as he just came into the spotlight after being recognized as the boyfriend of Kris Collins.

Meanwhile, Brown has appeared in some of Collins’ TikTok and YouTube videos too. Once, Collins did a Q&A session on YouTube where she also introduced Brown to the world. The former pair were together for six years. So, let’s explore their relationship timeline and breakup.

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Kris Collins and Aaron Brown Relationship Timeline and Breakup

Kris Collins and her ex-boyfriend Aaron Brown were together for six years. The former lovebirds met each other at a barbeque party. Collins and Brown connected and planned their first date on Kris’s birthday.

While opening up about their date, Collins said, “It was so fun; We saw Mad Max. It was on my birthday. We went to Mcdonalds’; we got chicken nuggets.” Initially, they kept their love life secret. While sharing the relationship of a boyfriend and a girlfriend, they supported in their professional career too.

In an August 2020 Instagram post, Brown dedicated the following message to Collins and wrote, “5 years later! Happy Anniversary, My Love. ‘Take my hand. Take my whole life too. For I can’t help falling in love with you.” People started enquiring about a breakup in October 2021 after noticing Collins’ cryptic messages about her boyfriend. Later in 2021, Collins responded to the breakup rumors confirming it, saying, “Tired of being asked if we’re together. We are still good friends, and we care for each other dearly. Just grew apart.

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Kris Collins Married or Dating Someone After Breakup

Well, Kris Collins is single and is not dating anyone. Also, there have been no records of the TikTok star being married. So, we can say that Collins is enjoying a solitary life and is also busy with her professional career.

Collins often shows her ongoing life via her Instagram handle, where we can follow her as @kriscollins. Besides, Collins once posted a video on TikTok, captioning it, “My phone knows too much.” She uses a filter, and it shows a focus on self-love. From this, it can be said that Collins may be focusing on herself at the moment.

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