Season 20 of Basketball Wives is making headlines on the internet. The popular television series revolves around the lives of the girlfriends, wives, and former wives of prominent basketball players and other individuals associated with the sport.

One of the famous cast of the show is Jennifer Williams, who came to the show in its inaugural season in 2010. Since then, she has been in the spotlight. Williams joined the show as the wife of former NBA player Eric Williams. After splitting with Eric, Jennifer introduced her partner Jelani Harrison in season 10.

So, fans are eager to know if the couple is still together. Also, rumors regarding their engagement are circulating. Keep reading to find out more about their love life.

Is Jennifer Williams Engaged With Jelani Harrison? Rumors Explained

After watching the recent trailer of Basketball Wives, fans have speculated that Jennifer Williams and her new boo Jelani Harrison are engaged. The trailer was uploaded on the show’s Instagram post, where we can hear Williams saying, “This has been a dream, and it actually came true.”

Likewise, we can see Williams and Harrison in some of the clips, including their appearance in front of the large letter “Marry Me.” This hinted that Harrison proposed to Williams. It was also the science where we could see all the cast members partying together.

After watching the trailer, Basketball Wives viewers took to social media to talk about their engagement rumors. In the same trailer, people noticed the clip of them being engaged. One Instagram user said, “I hope Jenn stays with Jelani; they look good together, and he seems like he likes her a LOT.” Another wrote, “They mad Jennifer is glowing.”

Moreover, we should wait and watch for the upcoming episode to know if Jennifer and Jelani are engaged or not.

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Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams and Jelani Harrison Relationship Timeline

Before meeting Jelani Harrison, Jennifer Williams struggled with her then-husband, a former basketball and NBA player Eric Williams. After attempting to maintain their relationship for two seasons on the show, the couple ultimately ended their marriage in 2011, several years after getting married in 2007.

However, their relationship couldn’t last long, and they broke up. In season 10, Jennifer got a chance to meet her boyfriend, Jelani Harrison. From the moment Jelani arrived on the show’s premises, he and Jennifer had an immediate connection and slowly began to bond.

They began dating, and on the second date, they also shared a kiss. Since then, their dating life has garnered the eyes of many people.

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Is Jennifer Williams Still Together With Jelani Harrison?

Yes, Jennifer Williams and Jelani Harrison are still together. Since getting introduced in season 10, the duo has gone on many dates, and they are still doing well in their love life.

Also, Jennifer and Jelani have followed each other on social media. The lovebirds may have gone through some issues in their life, but they have stuck with each other. As mentioned earlier, they now appear to be taking their relationship to the next level.

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