Season 27 of The Bachelor is already here, and some of the contestants have already become the fan favorite. No one knows who Zach Shallcross will choose to spend his life with at the end of the season.

However, Gabi Elnicki is also one of the participants whose presence in the show has dragged the eyes of many. So, let’s get to know everything about the season 27 cast, Gabi.

Everything About Gabi Elnicki Parents: Meet Her Siblings

Gabi, whose real name is Gabriella Nicole Elnicki, is a native of Pittsford, Vermont, born on July 3, 1997. The 25-year-old Bachelor is very close to her parents, whose identity has not been revealed yet. Before coming to the show, she said she wanted a relationship like her parents.

Her upbringing in a loving family has instilled in her a deep appreciation for the kind of love that endures, and she looks to her parents’ enduring marriage as a shining example of the beautiful partnership she hopes to build one day.

Before Zach had the pleasure of meeting Gabi’s beloved siblings and parents, she introduced him to the time-honored tradition of drilling trees for maple syrup in the picturesque town of Pittsford, Vermont. Gabi’s mom suggested that Zach, being a grounding force, could be a great match for her daughter, who had mentioned having ADHD in the previous episode.

Gabi’s father became emotional while reminiscing about how he fell in love with her mother at first sight, expressing his wish for Gabi to experience a similar kind of love. So, Zach’s visit to Gabi’s hometown went pretty well. Apart from that, Gabi is not only the child of her parents as she grew up alongside her two siblings, a younger brother, a junior at Rutland High School and an older sister named Chloe.

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What Is The Bachelor Gabi Elnicki Real Job? Career Explored

By profession, Gabi Elnicki is a senior account executive serving at Calculated Hire, an Eight Eleven company. Before taking the role, she had roles of Account Executive and Business Recruiter at the same company.

Likewise, Elnicki was also a Marketing and Staffing Development Intern at SkyBridge Tactical, LLC. Before that, her Linkedin profile states she was a social media coordinator at Miss Behavin. Later, Gabi also worked as a sales associate.

Regarding her education, Gabi attended the University of Mississippi and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing in 2019.

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Gabi Elnicki Boyfriend: Was She in a Relationship?

When Zach visited Gabi’s place, Gabi said that the person she was in love with in the past hurt her. From that, it becomes clear that Elnicki had an affair in the past. Now, she came in the Bachelor and also admitted that she was close to falling in love with Zach.

Gabi Elnicki shares a photo with Zach on Instagram ( Source: Instagram )

Her ABC bio also hints that Gabi is ready for marriage, and she has picked her dream wedding venue in Italy on Lake Como. Furthermore, Elnicki has shared some moments with Zach on her Instagram page, where she is available as @sprinkling_sunshine.

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