American social media star and TikToker Elyse Myers has a solid fan base, thanks to her 2021 TikTok video titled Worst Date Ever. In the video, she detailed her dating experience, which went horribly weird.

The videos garnered huge attention, and she also gained massive followers. Since then, she has been making regular posts, and fans are updated to date with her life. As we know, she is a mother of a child and is now expecting baby number two with her husband.

However, the recent TikTok search suggestion has left everyone confused as it reads, “Elyse Myers Pregnancy Loss.” Keep reading to learn more.

Elyse Myers Pregnancy Loss: Incorrect Suggested Search on TikTok

On February 24, 2023, Elyse Myers took to TikTok, revealing she was pregnant for the second time. Since making the announcement, Myers has been updating her fans with her journey and has made multiple videos related to it.

However, recent TikTok search suggestions have left fans confused. It all started when a labor and delivery nurse named Jen Hamilton made a TikTok video on March 5, right after an exhausting and traumatic shift. Following that, TikTok users began noticing the suggested search bar above videos which unexpectedly read, “Elyse Myers Pregnancy Loss.” The reason behind this peculiar occurrence remains unknown.

With that, the rumors of Myers losing her second child circulated like a fire but there is no fact about it. People also made some videos about the same topic, and finally, it was all cleared up when Jen made another video. In the next video, Jen addressed the search bar drama. She made a 2-minute and 28 seconds long video, saying,

“The other day, I made this video. I am a labor and delivery nurse, and that was getting in the car after the worst shift of my life. And unfortunately, someone got pulled into it that should have never been pulled into it and had nothing to do with it.

This app has now people thinking that Elyse Myers has lost her baby and that’s because on my video in the suggested search it said Elyse Myers pregnancy loss; how does that happen;

I just wanna come on the record and say that that video has nothing to do with Elise and as far as I know, Elyse is happy and healthy and so is her baby. So please do not use my video to go to her page and ask her questions about losing her baby.

And to Elyse, I am so sorry; I dont know how the suggested searches are made but i would never do anything to make people think something bad happened to your baby. It was just a glimpse into what it looks like during your first moments of actually having the time to think about and process what just happened.

You push all of that emotion aside so that you can use your whole brain to critically think and act quickly and do things you need to do but when you’re not using that part of your brain anymore; you have to deal with it and sometimes that’s in your car.

I was overwhelmed at the amount of people saying such beautiful things to me. I was tagged in so many videos from bereaved mothers who lost their babies telling me about their special nurse who made it just a little bit better and I’m honored that i get to be that for somebody and it is not a role that i take lightly.

I think any labour delivery nurse could agree with me whenever i say we don’t forget; not these ones. I’m so grateful for everyone who reached out. It means so much to me and to Elyse. I am so sorry.”

After that, all the rumors were cleared up, and Elyse was not making any response to this. However, Elyse’s husband, Jonas Myers, commented in the video, saying, “Our baby is happy mf and healthy! Thanks for clearing this up; we are doing well. Not sure why the search bar populated this.

Jonas Myers comment on the video ( Source: TikTok )

It seems like the incorrectly suggested search has been dismissed. However, here’s how to report incorrect auto populate searches on TikTok.

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How To Report Incorrect Auto Populate Searches on TikTok?

If there are any incorrect search suggestions, TikTok has a step to report it, and they have also mentioned it in their safety guidelines. First, go to TikTok Help Center, and after that, click on Safety, where you will find multiple sections.

After clicking Saftey, you will see an option called the report, a suggested search. After that, follow the below steps to report:

  1. Tap the search icon in the top right of your screen.
  2. Enter the search term and view the suggestions provided below.
  3. Long press on the suggested search term you want to report.
  4. Select “Report” and follow the instructions to complete the process.

With these steps, you can indeed report the searches, which might also fix the wrong searches that violate community guidelines. In the current situation, the wrong search related to Myers’ pregnancy seems to have been fixed, as many fans have reported it.

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