Active on TikTok since 2019, Caden McGuire has come a long way and has already gained over 2.5 million followers. The 25-year-old TikTok star recently got into a deadly accident. On Thursday, February 23, 2023, McGuire was together with social media influencer Katie Smith and both of them got into a severe car accident.

On February 23, around 5.54 am, McGuire shared the news by making a post on Twitter. With that, fans and followers began giving sweet messages to both personalities. So, keep reading to find out what actually happened.

What Happened to TikTok Star Caden McGuire?

On February 23, 2023, Caden McGuire was riding around Nashville along with Katie Smith. Reportedly, Caden was driving in the passenger’s seat in the SUV. So, later, he got into a deadly accident and posted side-by-side pictures of himself from the hospital and the remains of the damaged car. In the tweet, Caden Wrote,

A car accident attorney from TK Injury Lawyers shares: “The immediate sharing of the accident aftermath on social platforms like Twitter and Instagram, by both Caden and Katie, could play a crucial role in any subsequent legal matters. Photos, especially those taken immediately post-incident, can serve as critical evidence in personal injury claims or any litigation that may ensue.”

“Thankful that I walked away from this wreck. The fact that I am still here blows my mind, and I can’t wrap my head around it still. Thank you for all the texts, calls, comments, and prayers.”

The same picture of the car was posted by Katie Smith, and she appears to have sustained severe injuries on her face. One of the images in her Instagram stories shows a black eye, with most of the right side of her swollen and turned blue. So, Katie also thanked everyone who left her sweet messages for a speedy recovery.

Caden McGuire shares photo of a car after his deadly accident ( Source: Twitter )

While announcing the news, Katie also said she was driving totally smashed up after she said a semi ran a red light and slammed into the vehicle.

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Caden McGuire Health Update After Deadly Car Accident

As we know, Caden McGuire recently got into a deadly accident, and he has already updated his fans regarding the Rochester car accident lawyer. In his photos, we can see McGuire wearing a cast around his neck. On the other hand, Katie claimed she wasn’t able to walk properly after meeting with the accident.

Katie admitted that the car spun around several times, which could have contributed to her inability to walk. So, they have received many messages from fans, and both of them have thanked everyone who showed support.

Besides that, Katie also received some messages that left everyone shocked. One social media user accused McGuire of drunk driving and told Katie to do better since she had a little baby. Smith shared the message on her Instagram story, too and explained the whole incident. Moreover, both of them are now safe, and they will surely give more updates regarding their health. For your information, Katie is a mother of a child named Indie, whom she shares with Morgan Wallen.

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Caden McGuire and KT Smith Thanked Fans for Support

Caden McGuire and KT Smith are getting tons of messages on social media due to their recent car accident, which nearly took their life. Many people have left sweet messages in the comment section for their speedy recovery.

On the other hand, McGuire has also posted some TikTok videos related to accidents. Not only that, but he thanked his family and friends for their continuous support. Meanwhile, McGuire also thanked Jesus and shared a video on TikTok writing,

“Last night, my life flashed before my eyes. And it made me realize how much we take life for granted. My night went from hosting a show to could’ve died in seconds….they said we should have been dead. But God was watching. Tell everyone you love them. Don’t take it for granted…we never know when our card is going to be pulled. I love you.”

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