Bradley Steven Perry is a renowned American actor who has had an active presence in the showbiz industry since 2007. The talented actor is most famous for his appearance in Good Luck Charlie and Mighty Met.

The 24-year-old actor has given his best in many movies, due to which he has been able to get a separate fanbase. He has also dragged the eyes of many ladies’ fans. So, his followers are concerned if the actor is dating someone.

Who Is Bradley Steven Perry Dating?

Bradley Steven Perry seems single as the actor has never talked anything about his girlfriend with the tabloids. Like many personalities, Perry also prefers to keep his mouth shut when it comes to the topic of his personal life.

However, some of his Instagram posts have left people thinking he is in a relationship with a lady. Most of his Instagram posts are filled with a girl named Carley Williamson. The actor often posts cozy images with Carley, hinting they are in a romantic affair.

Carley is a Los Angeles-based social media star who is also active on Instagram. On November 23, 2022, Carley posted a photo with Perry writing, “my 80-year-old boyfriend turns 24 today.” Due to that, people speculated that Bradley and Carley were dating each other.

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Is Bradley Steven Perry Married?

No, there have been no records of Bradley Steven Perry getting married or having a wife. He is just rumored to be dating Carley Williamson due to his close pictures with Carley. The rumored pair have explored many places and featured their cute moments on social media, making it evident that they are dating each other.

Despite the ongoing rumors, both of them have not opened up about the rumors or addressed them. So, whether they are dating or just good friends can’t be confirmed. We can follow both of them on Instagram as they may give some hints in the coming years.

Bradley Steven Perry and Sabrina Carpenter together in a frame

Also, Perry previously had an official relationship with actress Sabrina Carpenter. The former duo reportedly began dating in early 2014. However, their relationship didn’t last long, as they broke up in 2015.

Likewise, Perry was once linked romantically with actress Ryan Newman. Both of them shared the screen in Disney’s sitcom Good Luck Charlie. Due to their appearance in the same project, Newman and Perry developed a strong bond. Despite the love rumors, they denied it and reported being good friends.

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Does Actor Bradley Steven Perry Have a Baby?

Bradley Steven Perry does not have a baby as he is not married. However, the rumors of the actor having a kid came into prominence following his Instagram posts as he often posts snaps with a baby boy.

Perry has been featuring a baby on his Instagram page for a long time which created fuel to the fire on the rumor. Due to that, fans were also confused and began asking questions if he had already become a father.

After getting a lot of questions, Perry finally admitted that he did not have a child, but the one he was showing to the world was his nephew. On May 3, 2021, Bradley posted an image holding a baby in his hand and wrote, “Yo did you know I have a nephew.”

So, this now becomes clear that Perry does not have a child, but the one he was featuring on his posts was his nephew. We can get more updates about his life by following him on Instagram as @bradley_s_perry12.

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