Your wedding venue sets the tone for the entire celebration. It’s where you’ll exchange vows, party with loved ones, and create lifelong memories. With so many options out there, how do you separate the must-have amenities from the nice-to-haves? 

In this article, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when evaluating wedding venues, from location and accessibility to catering and audio-visual capabilities. We’ll help you prioritize your needs and identify which amenities are essential for creating your dream wedding experience.


  • Prioritize venue amenities that ensure guest convenience and comfort, like location, accessibility, capacity, and layout.
  • Essentials like professional catering, adequate bar services, proper lighting/sound, and climate control are must-haves.
  • Nice-to-haves enhance the experience through ambiance, decor, special services, or spaces.
  • Make a checklist separating must-have needs from nice-to-have wants to find your perfect venue fit.

Location and Accessibility

Let’s start with location—it’s a biggie! You’ll want to pick a venue that’s convenient for most of your guests. Think about proximity to accommodations, major airports, or transit hubs. No one wants to spend half the wedding day just getting there. When searching for “wedding venues in Orlando” for example, location will be a key factor for many couples in central Florida.

Accessibility is also a must-have. Your venue should have provisions for guests with disabilities or mobility issues, like wheelchair ramps and elevators. Don’t forget adequate parking, especially if hosting a larger wedding.

As for nice-to-haves? A scenic backdrop or historic setting can make for beautiful photos. But don’t sacrifice practicality for aesthetics alone. Proximity to local attractions could be a perk for guests, but it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

Venue Capacity and Layout 

Ensuring the venue can comfortably fit your guest list is critical. Ask about maximum capacities for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception areas. You don’t want people feeling cramped! Speaking of layout, having distinct spaces for each part of the wedding day is a must. Guests shouldn’t be watching you take photos while they’re trying to eat dinner. 

Adequate restrooms are also essential to avoid long lines. Nice-to-have amenities include outdoor spaces for cocktails, a bridal suite for getting ready, and flexible layout options. But focus on the must-haves first—you can always get creative with decor!

Catering and Bar Services

Unless you’re having a tiny micro-wedding, professional catering services are an absolute must. You’ll want customizable menus to accommodate dietary needs and ensure there’s enough food and drinks for everyone.

Don’t forget about bar services! Having enough staffed bars with quality alcohol and mixers is key to keeping the party going. Many venues require you to use their in-house catering, so be sure to sample the food first.

If bringing in outside vendors is important to you, an approved list from the venue could be a nice-to-have perk. Special cuisine options like food trucks or interactive stations can also be fun novelties.

Audio-Visual and Lighting

Good audio-visual capabilities are essential for weddings. At a minimum, the venue should provide sound systems, microphones for toasts and speeches, and basic lighting to set the mood.

Having advanced lighting effects like uplighting or projected designs can add drama and ambiance. But these are nice-to-haves that quickly rack up costs. Built-in dance floors and projection screens are also luxuries that may not be necessities.

Amenities and Additional Services 

You can’t have an awesome wedding without the basics like tables, chairs, and linens provided. Climate control is also non-negotiable—no one wants to sweat through their ceremony! An on-site venue coordinator to manage setup and logistics is another must.

As for nice-to-have perks, decorative backdrops or arches can amplify the ambiance. Valet parking and shuttles take the stress off your guests. And who wouldn’t love a weekend at a venue with on-site accommodations? These extras do come at a premium though.

On the flip side, don’t overlook venues that may lack those luxury amenities but hit all the must-have necessities—you can always rent or DIY decor. Stay focused on your priorities and budget.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, not everyone needs a palatial, all-inclusive venue for their big day. By separating the must-have amenities from the nice-to-haves, you can find the perfect venue that meets your needs without going over budget. Make a checklist of your priorities and take the time to weigh all your options. With some smart planning, you’ll be able to celebrate your dream wedding in a beautiful setting you and your guests will never forget.

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