Getting off to a good start in dental care

A child’s first dental experience must be positive, and Dentist Northbridge takes this very seriously. It lays the foundation for lifelong periodontal disease. So that is why we are delighted to present our family family-friendly will to make sure your kids enjoy their first experiences with dentistry and feel relaxed even in the first appointment.

The Family-Friendly Offer

To the families in Northbridge and neighboring regions who need family-friendly offers, Dentist Northbridge extends our warm welcome. This offer will enable you to afford top-rate dentistry at a low cost to your child.

What Does the Offer Include?

There is also the Special Family Friendly Offer that gives out a whooping thirty percent discount for your children’s normal check-ups. These visits encompass vital elements of preventive care to keep your children’s smiles radiant and healthy, including:

  • Oral Examination: We have qualified dentists who conduct an extensive check of your kid’s teeth condition, diagnose their problems right in time, and inform you about all measures that require implementation.
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction: Our philosophy is to teach children how important it is to take care of their teeth as well. We will, therefore, give you practical tips that will help in encouraging your kids to lead healthy lifestyles at home.
  • Clean and Fluoride Application: It is necessary to prevent cavities by professional cleaning and fluoride application and to strengthen teeth. This is very important in terms of dental wellness for your child.

How to Redeem the Offer:

Family-friendly offers can be redeemed easily. Call Dentist Northbridge and use this offer. Let us guide you through the process and assist in creating the schedule for your children.

Getting redeemed into our Family Friendly offer in SaiBays Bay Dentistry is simple and easy. To enjoy this unbelievable deal, contact us today. In case you make contact, don’t forget to indicate this special offer for our courteous group’s assistance with further procedures. We’ll help you book appointment slots for the treatment of your children and ensure easy access to quality dental care facilities. The dental health of your children is only a call away and we aim to make it as easy as you may think.

Terms and Conditions:

While this offer presents fantastic savings and benefits for your children’s dental care, it’s important to be aware of the terms and conditions:

  • The sale is applicable for children who are 18 years or younger.
  • The usual charge is USD 237 for these maintenance visits, but in your case, it will be USD 165.90, saving $71.10.
  • The patients will be made to pay normal rates for necessary X-rays and any subsequent treatment.
  • The only requirement for eligibility for this discount is that children should be included in the recall reminder list.
  • For children of age 6 and above with permanent teeth, they qualify for the discount if they come for check-ups after six months while young ones might have to do it for twelve months and still enjoy the discount.
  • The charges for the health fund claims will be made at full price, while a 30% discount will be taken off from the out-of-pocket costs.

Protect your children’s dental health today

For you, we have the Family Friendly Offer, where you will be able to provide quality childcare at an affordable cost. The purpose of this program is to make family-oriented dentist services available and affordable at St Sailors Bay Dentistry, Northbridge. Start your kids on the path to lifelong healthy smiles with this special offer today! Take advantage of this opportunity, contact us today, and invest in your kid’s dental health.


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