When season 3 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind was announced, viewers were happy to see the new faces. Some couples on the show have taken the internet with the fire. So, one of the couples is Alexa and Brennon. For your information, Alexa is the owner of an insurance agency named Allstate which she founded in 2017.

On the other side, Brennon is a 32-year-old water treatment engineer. Furthermore, Alexa and Brennon were the first couples engaged on Season 3 of “Love Is Blind.” Alfia and Brennon’s relationship seems relatively drama-free compared to some of the fireworks-filled dynamics other pairs share.

So, people love their bond, but Love Is Blind viewers are concerned about their being together and are asking if the pair is still together or not. Keep reading till the end to find out everything about the show’s couple.

Are Alexa and Brennon From Love Is Blind Still Together?

As Love Is Blind, viewers are eager to know if Alexa and Brennon are still together or not. We can’t say until the show’s finale airs on November 9. Many speculations have risen regarding their togetherness. Many critics on the internet say that they are not together as both of them don’t follow each other on Instagram.

But some say they might be together and not follow each other for some other reason. Exploring their accounts, we learned that Brennon does follow some of Alexa’s friends, so the duo is at least on good terms through collaboration. In the meantime, Alexa is sharing posts with her friends and is enjoying her time.

We can see her images with Brennon, which she has shared since the airing of the show. Alexa and Brennon have highlighted the importance of several moments on the show, which includes Brennon meeting Alexa’s family. Now, let’s learn more about their Love Is Blind journey.

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Alexa and Brennon’s Journey in Love Is Blind – Engagement & Meeting Family

The first four episodes of Love Is Blind follow Alexa and Brennon’s journey from the pods to Malibu. During that time, we can see the duo spending their first real-time together as an engaged couple. When the pair met each other for the first time, they shared a love for food.

In the same way, they also talked about their family. Alexa opened up with Brennon about her Jewish faith, telling him that she comes from an Israeli family and has six siblings. While Alexa expresses that she isn’t super religious, she tells Brennon that being Jewish is a piece of her identity.

Before getting engaged, Brennon shared that his family often struggled financially growing up. But he told Alexa that he wanted to give her the best life he could, one that was full of happiness. In the sixth episode of Netflix’s reality show, the duo meets each other’s families for the first time.

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When Brennon went to Alexa’s house, Brennon and Alexa’s father had a serious conversation about the duo’s future. Brennon also told Alexa’s father that he is determined to love his daughter despite their religious distinctions. And now, all of the Love Is Blind viewers are waiting for the finale to know whether Alexa and Brennon will remain together.

So, we will also keep you updated with the news regarding Alexa and Brennon’s togetherness. And you can also follow Hollywood Worth to get more news.

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