Football has always been the focus of attention of millions of fans around the world. The game breeds legends, and two players like Frank Beckenbauer and Johann Cruyff not only left their mark on football history, but also became symbols of a true football revolution. Their style of play, their intelligence on the pitch and their impact on the development of football cannot be underestimated. Let’s take a closer look at their careers and their contributions to world football.

Frank Beckenbauer: Captain World

Frank Beckenbauer is a legendary football player who has left an indelible mark on world football history. His career and achievements speak for themselves and comparing his impact and success to other great players is a measure of his awesomeness.

One of the highlights of Beckenbauer’s career was his participation in the German national team. He was the captain of the team that won the World Cup in 1974 and the European Championship in 1980. Beckenbauer was not only a leader on the field, but also a strategist off it. His ability to organize the defense and create attacks made him a key figure in the game.

Beckenbauer is also known for his performances in clubs. He played for Bayern Munich and the New York Cosmos, where he continued to display his outstanding talent and leadership skills. He won the “Golden ball” 3 times as the best football player in the world.

His style of play also made him famous. Beckenbauer was a versatile player who could play both defense and attack. His passing ability and ability to create goal situations make him a combination player who can contribute at any stage of the game.

In addition, Beckenbauer was a pioneer who took his talents to the American Soccer League NASL, where he brought soccer into the spotlight and helped popularize the game in the United States.

Beckenbauer, who has been compared to other great players such as Pele and Maradona, is known for his versatility and ability to lead a team both on and off the pitch. Being the captain of the German national team and numerous trophies make him one of the best football players in history.

Thus, Frank Beckenbauer made indescribable contributions to world football and remains a great example for future generations of players. His success and personal qualities make him the captain of the world and the greatest football player of all time. Well, now he is one of the leaders of “Bavaria”, which is always considered a favorite at

Johann Cruyff: Magic of Total Football

Johann Cruyff is one of the most influential and creative footballers in the history of the game. His style of play and innovative approach to football made him a legend. You can understand who is the best compared to other great footballers like Frank Beckenbauer.

One of the key elements that makes Cruyff stand out is his concept of “Total Football”. This style of play involves the participation of all team players in all phases of the game – attack, defense and transition between them. Cruyff was an excellent organizer of the game and a master of holding the ball, which made him dangerous in attack and allowed him to participate in the creation of goal situations.

He was also known for his feints and stunts on the field. His signature move, called the Cruyff Turn, remains one of the most impressive and beautiful moves in football history. This trick allowed him to bypass defenders and create dangerous attacks.

It should be noted that Cruyff was also a great goal scorer. Scored over 300 goals in his club and country career, an impressive feat for a player who spends most of his time orchestrating attacks on the pitch.

His success in clubs like Ajax and Barcelona speaks for itself. He won the Dutch championship three times in “Ajax”, and La Liga and the Royal Cup in “Barcelona”. His influence on the teams he played for was huge and his style of play inspired many players.

If we compare him with Frank Beckenbauer, we can say that both players left a big mark in the history of football. Beckenbauer was a great captain and organizer of the game, while Cruyff was a master of innovation and creativity in football. Each of them was a great player in his own style and it is difficult to say which one is better. However, Cruyff remains an icon of Total Football and an inspiration to many footballers, so his influence and magic on the pitch remains unrivaled.

Impact on World Football

The influence of Frank Beckenbauer and Johan Cruyff on world football cannot be underestimated. Both players left an incredible mark on the history of the game and their influence is still felt today. Let’s take a look at how each of them contributed and influenced world football.

Known as the “Captain of the World”, Frank Beckenbauer was a versatile footballer who played in defence, midfield and even attack. His leadership skills on the field were undeniable and he often assumed the role of orchestrator of his team’s attack. Beckenbauer’s influence on world football is manifested in the following aspects:

  • Trophies and successes: Beckenbauer won the World Cup as a player and coach with the German national team. He also won numerous club trophies with Bayern, including the German championship and the UEFA Champions Cup. His club and national team success makes him one of the most successful footballers in history.
  • Innovation and style of play: Beckenbauer made significant contributions to the defensive and transition game. His ability to work both defensively and offensively has allowed his teams to create different attacking formations. He also became the first defender to actively participate in the game in midfield.
  • Influence on the younger generation: Many young footballers were inspired by the game of Frank Beckenbauer. His ability to control the game and influence the outcome of the match remained a lesson for many. Many modern footballers call Beckenbauer one of their idols.

And Johan Cruyff was a symbol of Total Football and creativity. His performance embodies sophistication and technical mastery. Here is his impact on world football:

  • Tactical innovation: Cruyff was a master of organizing attacks and creating chances. His concept of “Total Football” involved the participation of all team players in attack and defense. This style of play has inspired many coaches and teams around the world.
  • Feints and Tricks: Cruyff was known for his tricks and his signature “Cruyff Turn” feint. His technical ability and creativity made him one of the most impressive players on the pitch.
  • Club and country success: Cruyff won numerous club and international trophies, including a treble with Ajax in the UEFA Champions Cup. His play was a key factor in his teams success.
  • Influence on football philosophy: Cruyff’s philosophy of Total Football has had a profound influence on the tactics of many modern teams. Many coaches try to apply elements of this philosophy to their teams.

So, which one is cooler? Both players have left incredible legacies and made huge contributions to world football. Frank Beckenbauer focused on the organization and leadership of the game, while Johann Cruyff was a symbol of creativity and innovation. Each of them is unique in their own way and their contributions to world football are incomparable.

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